Has Your Career Caught Up With You? The Artful Negotiation of Midlife Career Change

“A musician must make his music, an artist must paint, a poet must write if he is to ultimately be at peace with himself.” – Abraham Maslow

Warning: If you are experiencing career burnout, please listen to your inner being.

If you have noticed your inner being screaming at you about wanting to change careers, not just jobs, Congratulations!

We humans have wonderful emotions that are directional. When your emotions speak to you that loudly, listen to hear clearly what emotional needs are surfacing. You gain great awareness and insight of yourself when you pay attention to what your emotions are saying. Understanding your emotions and developing the proper mindset at this time could help you reap fantastic rewards.

Many midlifers and baby boomers are experiencing yearnings about career changes or have already made the decision to make a career change. There is a reason this time of life is called mid-life. You are half way there, you have worked so hard and you realize you want to capitalize on the lessons learned in the first half of your life to make the second half, happier and more fulfilling.

Career burnout, job dissatisfaction, yearning to make career changes are all indications of your inner being screaming at you that you desire something more congruent with who you have become. You may have decided to make that career change, taken all the assessments available to tell you which direction you should go in, yet you feel hesitant. Something is missing.

The tug of war between job security of your current situation and income uncertainty of a new career can unearth many fears and unpleasant feeling emotions. Perfect! Your emotions serve as a phenomenal guidance system to warn you of potential perils ahead. Planning, creative brainstorming, networking, confidence and determination are all within you to rise up to meet those fears and bypass inertia that can cripple you from making changes your heart yearns for.

In addition, at midlife it may seem harder to make a career change because you have accumulated responsibilities, mortgages, children, and you have probably experiences a taste of success. Many times, you have also fulfilled that goal that our parents gave us about having a good job.

Ask yourself productive questions that will unleash answers you never knew were within you:

Is your dissatisfaction an indication that your values are not aligned with your actions?
Do you invest your non-working time in activities that actually feel rewarding?
Are you constantly exhausted, mentally and physically?
Do you feel that the prestige of your job title is more important than your family?
Is your daily focus overly repetitive and narrow?
Is your energy level communicating to you that you have outgrown your career?
Is who you are and what you do seamless and complementary?
Is something missing from your life but you do not know what it is?
Are you experiencing physical symptoms in your body that you know are there as a result of chronically feeling unhappy?
Do you feel as if you are a failure although you know that you have achieved success by the standards of others?

By asking these questions and taking the time to listen to your inner being’s response, you are creating space in your psyche for the answers to take shape and form and communicate to you clearly what your next step should be.

Take steps to make your inner being the Chairman of the Board of your life by making sure that your satisfaction is your priority. From there, you can craft the most exquisite and satisfying career of a lifetime.