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Law School Requirements

You have made the decision to go to law school and now you need to begin the process of getting accepted into the school of your choice. Law school requirements can be tough. So it is important for you to be sure that you are ready for all of the studying and hard work that is before you.

If you investigate a bit about what going to law school is like and still feel committed then it is time for you to look into taking the LSAT’s. This is the entrance exam that must be taken as part of the law school program requirements. do not just sign up for the LSAT’s and think you are ready… There is work to be done here too.

The LSAT’s is a 3 hour test consisting of four sections and those are made up of 2 Logical Reasoning sections that will basically be arguments, 1 Analytical Reasoning section (Games), and 1 Reading Comprehension section. Beyond that there is an experimental section that you can chose to do an argument section or games section and this will not be graded. However, you will not know which of the sections is the experimental section. Finally, there is a writing section in which you will be given a controversial situation and asked to argue a position on one side or the other. This section is not graded either but it is read and should be taken seriously.

From this point you should begin the process of choosing a list of your top picks for law schools and look into their specific requirements. You should not pick a law school just because you a familiar with the name or because you know somebody who went there. Really spend time learning about the school, curriculum, campus life, teachers and any pertinent information that will help you make an educated decision. Choose a few schools that appeal to you.

Next on the list of action steps is obtaining your transcripts from any undergraduate and/or graduate schools you attended. You will also need letters of recommendation from different sources as well as a Dean’s letter. Finally, you will be required to provide a resume that shows work experience, volunteer hours, and any internships or other important information that will help you meet the law school requirements and let them know why they want to accept you into their program.