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5 Great Travel Television Show Personalities

There are many great television shows out there, and the ones that stand out have great hosts. We’ve put together a list of 5, all with the ability to turn that seemingly boring destination in to the hidden gem that you will immediately place on your bucket list. These are five people we’d love to sit down and have a drink (or ten) with while swapping travel stories.

1. Anthony Bourdain from The Layover

New York chef and author Bourdain is funny, opinionated and uncensored. You can’t dispute his entertainment value and his passion for food, drink and culture. In The Layover he has 24-48 hours to eat his way through a city, while stopping at some sights along the way. He meets up with local foodies who take him to a number of local “must eat” spots before heading back to the airport.

2. Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre Foods

Andrew Zimmern is a character and a true foodie in every sense of the word. He’s not just a guy with a stomach of steel; he’s also a well known chef, author and former radio personality. His show not only focuses on the “weird” foods of the world, it also gives us an extensive look at the culture of the people in the area that they visit.

3. Ian Wright: Out of Bounds

Ian, an English comedian and travel host, is best known for his work on the tv series Pilot Guides. He has been called “the face of travel television”, which I think is appropriate given his likeability and witty personality. In Out of Bounds he travels the world to mix with locals and try to become one of them. His comedic character makes him extremely charismatic and he is more often than not quickly liked by the locals.

4. Bert Kreischer – Trip Flip

Bert describes himself as “… a Party Animal, Comedian, Actor, Host, Hesitant Passenger, Fast Eater, Glutton, Husband, Dad… the Machine.” On Trip Flip he searches for tourists and spontaneously gets them to ditch their itinerary in exchange for something more adventurous and authentic. Lots of fun, great local food and hotel upgrades. How can anyone refuse? You’d be surprised how many do!

5. Conor Woodman – Scam City

Conor travels to popular tourist destinations to discover tourist scams and befriend the people that make a living this way. Conor is great at exposing a whole other side to the industry that most of us don’t even know exists. He goes on risky assignments and we get to watch how the scams work. Though most of us use common sense to avoid being scammed, this is a very entertaining show worth watching.